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Intriguing Design Studios, Inc. (IDS) is committed to providing quality consulting services to our clients. Many of our clients are small businesses in and around Albany, New York, that require part-time assistance with their web development, software development, and other IT projects. IDS is open to new ideas, constantly researching the latest and greatest technologies, and has the ability to work with both local and remote clients.

This web site has been developed to provide up-to-date information regarding IDS as the corporation grows, and to make it easier for clients to contact us. Additionally, IDS will provide resources, tutorials, and other information that our clients are interested in. Browse our web site and news feed for additional information and industry highlights.

Nothing is more important to us than providing convenient and reliable services. Please visit the About and Portfolio sections of the web site for more information regarding the company. Our FAQ is updated with additional items that come up frequently in conversation with clients. For how to reach us, visit our Contact section.

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